Here’s your chance to become or remain a certified brand partner.

The program

A must for all

Brand Spotlight is a mandatory annual review of UBS work created by design professionals (internal and external) over the course of one year.

The following work by our lead agencies is excluded:

  • Brand campaigns: Publicis Hong Kong, London, New York, Zurich
  • Brand design: Process AG
  • Lead agencies must submit other eligible projects.

Eligible projects

UBS projects completed between July 2020 and July 2021 are eligible for submission. If you submit more than one project – maximum of three – choose projects that differ from one another. A series with only minor variations is considered one project.
Printed direct mailings require all parts including envelope or packaging.


An expert jury determines who is certified and which projects are presented in the communication. They’ve proven that they know their stuff about UBS brand.

  • Successful UBS brand design and tone of voice that follows the guidelines on the Brand Design Platform
  • Quality design and copywriting, and overall UBS look and feel
  • Functionality of digital media
  • Accuracy in realization and production
  • Innovation and creativity within the UBS guidelines

The timing

Entry deadline: 18 August, 2021 (Save the date)

Assessment: September - October 2021
Notification: December 2021
Publication: January 2022

The details


Agencies who submit successful projects:

  • Get a certificate (to display prominently!)
  • Can use UBS as a reference (to do more great work!)

List of agencies
  • All agencies who submit projects are listed.
  • Partners who have sent in projects that are not in line with the UBS identity will receive training. Partners who are not certified after two successive years of submission will be removed from the list.

Spotlight Gallery

Select projects will be shown in the UBS Brand Spotlight Gallery on the Brand Design Platform.

Our deal

Every agency agrees to a commitment statement about the cooperation between the agency and UBS.

It is the agency’s duty to inform the UBS project manager of aspects that break the guideline rules and to offer appropriate alternative solutions that comply with the UBS brand. The agency and/or UBS project manager is required to discuss borderline issues with the CI/CD expert of the respective business division right away.